Littlebourne Benefice

    Lent and Easter 2017


    Lent and Easter can be seen as a journey, from the beginning on Ash Wednesday when we remember how we need God's help in our lives, throught to the final joyous celebrations on Easter Day.

    Ash Wednesday, with the optional marking of the cross on our foreheads in ash, is when we begin to think about our dependance on God and how we might spend the next weeks.  The weeks of Lent offer a time of thoughtful reflection - with Mothering Sunday offering a burst of celebration along the way.  There are often Lent Groups meeting during Lent - each following a chosen course of study, sharing and learning together. The churches are usually left without flowers to remind us of the thoughtfulness of the season.

    In Holy Week, one of the most special times in the Church Year, we follow our Lord through the last week of his life, beginning with Palm Sunday and his dramatic entry into Jerusalem. In church we read the story of the Passion, often in dramatised form. 

    On Maundy Thursday we remember Jesus's example of loving service as he washed the disciples feet and broke bread with them at the Lord's supper.

    Good Friday, the most solemn day in the Christian year, is when we remember Jesus' trial and crucifixion. 

    Easter Saturday offer a day of waiting and anticipation - often with an evening service of renewing Baptismal promises and bring the new light of Easter into the darkened church.

    On Easter Day we celebrate the resurrection - God's raising Jesus to new life.  The churches are specially decorated and we praise God in joyful hymns and music.

    In 2017 the special Lent and Easter services are as follows:

    Ash Wednesday 1 March 7:30pm Communion Service with optional ashing - at Littlebourne

    Mothering Sunday 26th March
    9:30am  Family Communion at Wickhambreaux (posies given)
    11am  Family Communion at Littlebourne (posies given)

    Palm Sunday 9th April

    9:30am Communion service - with dramatised Passion Gospel at Wickhambreaux
    11am  Communion Sevice - with dramatised Passion Gospel at Littlebourne

    HOLY WEEK across the benefice of four churches

    Monday 10th April, Tuesday 11th April, Wednesday 12th April- all at 7:00pm for 25 mins
    A short quiet service of Compline (Night Prayer) - Littlebourne Church

    Maundy Thursday 13th April
    7:30pm Communion service at Littlebourne - with stripping of the altar

    Good Friday 14th April
    2:00pm  An Hour by the Cross - devotional service at Littlebourne Church

    Easter Saturday 15th April
    8-30pm  Vigil service at Wickhambreaux Church Church - with Easter fire, lighting of the four churches' Easter Candles and renewal of Baptismal promises.

    Easter Day 16th April
    9:30am Family Communion at Ickham
    11:00am Family Communion at Littlebourne
    6:00pm Holy Communion service at Stodmarsh

    Some Easter Garden's prepared by children at Littlebourne Primary School: 

     Easter Garden Lit 1Easter Garden Lit 2Easter Garden Lit 3Easter Garden Lit 4Easter Garden Lit 5Easter Garden Lit 6Easter Garden Lit 7