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    As you may know, our monthly “Church and Village” ceased publication during the Lockdown. Very sadly we also lost its retiring editor, Tony Harris, who had done such a wonderful job for so long on behalf of us all in both church and village. 

    While we take stock of “life after Covid”, here is a list of your church services for July and also a monthly message from Prebendary Gillean Craig, our Interim Priest in charge. You may also like to know that the proposal to bring all five churches has just been approved and it includes bringing Ickham, Stodmarch and Wickhambreaux together into one parish. More details are to follow


    We are hoping to hold a Re-Awakening After COVID Day on Sunday 8th August. More information here.

    Download the Eucharist for Sunday 11th July,  the Sixth Sunday after Trinity


    St John the Evangelist, Ickham

    St Vincent Church, Littlebourne

    St Mary, Stodmarsh

    St Andrew, Wickhambreaux,

    St Mary the Virgin, Wingham

    Sunday  11th July, 6th Sunday after Trinity

    9.30 am        Wickhambreaux, Holy Communion

    11.00 am      Wingham, Holy Communion for   

                         Healing & Wholeness

    11.00 am      Littlebourne, Family Praise

    Sunday  18th July, 7th Sunday after Trinity

    9.30 am        Ickham, Sung Matins

    11.00 am      Littlebourne,  Parish Communion

    6.00 pm        Stodmarsh,  Evening Prayer

    Sunday 25th July, St James the Apostle

    9.30 am       Wickhambreaux,  Holy Communion

    11.00 am     Wingham, Holy Communion

    11.00 am     Littlebourne, Parish Communion

    • Covid rules will continue to apply.  Please be prepared to wear a face mask. 

    Wickhambreaux: St Andrew’s Roof Restoration Appeal Click here for further details.

    Stodmarsh: Jazz Picnic, Saturday 1st August, 2.30pm to 5.30pm More information here.

    July Message from Prebendary Gillean Craig

    ‘Stone Wall do not a prison make, nor iron bars a cage’. Lovelace’s famous words were quoted in the book of reminiscences published after the last war by my dear father’s colleagues who like him had been incarcerated in a German Prisoner of War camp – with the heartfelt addition: ‘but they make a damn fine imitation’.   

    Concerns about exactly what constitutes liberty, and what unnatural constraint, are central to our lives today – although in a very different context. As I write we don’t know whether the planned lifting of all restrictions on 19th July will take place, or whether new variants and significant rises in infections will postpone or modify the easing. ‘Freedom’ means very different things to different people. To my father – much in my mind, on this my birthday – it meant release from imprisonment and return home. To most of us today it means being at last able to mingle with as many people as we want, as closely as we want, to satisfy that basic human need for encounter and company. But philosophy and religion teach a different level of freedom, an interior or existential liberty which, paradoxically, is jeopardised by too many possessions and too material a life. 

    I salute those heroes and saints who in the most appalling situations demonstrate a wholehearted lightness of spirit, who instead of being locked in misery and self-pity are only concerned for others. It’s a good thing to aim for – but like lots of religious encouragement, is far easier to recommend if your life is already comfortable and secure. Mine certainly is – perhaps yours too – and for me lockdown’s deprivations still allowed me freedom to enjoy my house and garden, surrounded by more books than I’ll ever read, more music than I’ll ever listen to. But for single parents, stuck with children high in a tower block, made redundant, relying on food banks – I’m not going to preach existential liberty to them.   For them, I’m not hoping that life will quickly ‘get back to normal’:  I’m praying that it will be far, far better than before!


    Canterbury CathedralCathedral

    Daily worship
    The following services are broadcast on the Cathedral's 
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    Morning Prayer: by 10.30am each day

    Evening Reflection: paused until 12th April

    Choral Evensong: Live stream at 5.30pm each day

    Sunday Eucharist: Live stream at 10.30am

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    If you need to make contact please telephone one of the churchwardens – they will be only too pleased to help. That includes putting you in touch with a priest, if that is your need.


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    If you are not sure who to contact, ring Nick Henwood (01227 721791) who will help.

    A prayer for the evening for all those affected by the virus

    Keep us, good Lord,under the shadow of your mercy.

    Sustain and support the anxious,

    be with those who care for the sick,

    and lift up all who are brought low;

    that we may find comfort

    knowing that nothing can separate us from your love

    in Christ Jesus our Lord.



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